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Sunday Morning Worship 9AM 
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Our Vision

Vision Statement


  1. Increase the “Prayer Life” of our congregation
    1. Create a “Prayer Team”
    2. Have a 24-hour prayer vigil
    3. Develop a “Prayer Room”
    4. Better utilize the senior members of our church for prayer
  1. To continue in our present support for missions
    1. Continue our support of RCA missions
    2. Continue our support of other missions
    3. Seek new missions which will be hands-on such as “Kids Camp.”
    4. Increase our mission trips to include seniors, young adults, and youth

  2. To regard as our first priority in mission to be the children, youth and young adults of our congregation.

    1. That our worship services be appealing to all ages
    2. That we excel in our programs for all children, youth and young adults
    3. That we equip our adult senior members to become mentors and spiritual leaders for our new and younger members.
    4. If a program is not working it will be reformatted or discontinued
  1. To regard our second mission field to be the children, youth and young adults of our community 

    1. That we make our church more visible and inviting by the use of a new sign
    2. That we advertise and promote the programs of our church to our community
    3. That we make our worship services more inviting to the community
    4. That we intentionally assimilate new members into the church community
    5. That we seek to minister to the needs of our community
    6. Since starting a new congregation is the most effective way to reach the unchurched we will seek to daughter another congregation as we are lead by the Holy Spirit.
  1. Create greater unity and commitment to Christ within our congregation
  1.  Explore ways to make our ministry groups more effective in pastoral care
  2.  Be more effective in reaching out to the inactive members of our congregation
  3.  Explore ways to have a more effective pastoral ministry to our seniors and shut-ins through the use of consistory members and future staff.
  4.  Have occasional “Town Hall Meetings” to communicate with our congregation
In summary, it is the desire of GRC to be the very presence of Christ in our fellowship and community.