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State of the Church Address - The Prevailing Church

Study Questions for This Week

“The Prevailing Church” – 01/06/2019
Pastor David Krueger
Matthew 16:13-18

Small Group Questions

  1. The precautious church takes all necessary measure against possible danger, harm, or failure. Their motto is, "We have everything to lose and nothing to gain." Why is this unhealthy and why do churches function this way?
  2. If someone asked you, "Who is Jesus?" what would you tell them? (16:15-17)
  3. Why is building the church so important to Jesus? (16:18)
  4. The prevailing church knocks down the Gates of Hades by gaining the advantage, being victorious, effective, lasting, and stronger in the community. How has Gibbsville Reformed Church knocked down the Gates of Hades this past year? What gates need to be knocked down in 2019? (16:18)

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