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Current Series


“A Glimpse of Revival” – 12/02/2018
Revelation 3:7-13

Small Group Questions

  1. What open doors of ministry opportunity has God placed in our church's life? (v.8)
  2. Is it true that the more successful a ministry is the wearier people will be gathered? 
  3. If you believe that Jesus will completely defend you as a Christian how would this change the way you and your church share the faith? (v.9)
  4. What would change in your life if you believed that Jesus truly rejoices over you? (v.12-13)


“A Glimpse at Revival” – 11/25/2018
Revelation 3:1-6

Small Group Questions

  1. Why is it so refreshing and revitalizing to a church when Christians are honest about their own sin? (Rev. 3:1)
  2. How do we "spiritualize away" the need to confront each other to repent in the church? (Rev. 3:2-3)
  3. In what areas of your life do you need the courage to live a life faithful to God? (Rev. 3:4-5)
  4. Why is God's assessment of where you are spiritually more important than our own? (Rev. 3:1, 3:5; Matt. 7:21-23)


“Revival of Reputations” – 11/11/2018
Revelation 3:1-6

Small Group Questions

  1. Why are reputations (the opinions of others about you) often misleading? (3:1)
  2. Why is it more important to care what God thinks of you rather than what people think? (3:1)
  3. What do the stages of true repentance look like in your life? (3:3)
  4. When a Christian no longer has a vibrant spiritual life what do they tend to focus on in the church and why is the church at risk? (3:3-4)
  5. Resurgence is an increase in activity after a period of inactivity. What is God calling you to accomplish in your church, your family or community before your time is up? (3:2)



A Glimpse of Revival 10/21/2018
Revelations 2:18-29

Small Group Questions 

1. How can the church become a place where people feel safe to repent?
2. What is the difference between a Christian struggling in sin versus a Christian refusing to repent? (2:20-21)
3. What happens to a church when people turn a blind eye to high-handed sin and no discipline takes place? (2:20,22-23)
4. Why is it important to pay attention to what God is doing in other churches in our community? (2:23)
5. Can parents teach their kids to avoid sin so they don't have to experience it first hand? (2:24-25)