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Study Questions for This Week


“Take Action” – 11/03/2019
Acts 11:1-18
Pastor David Krueger

Small Group Questions

  1. What are some reasons why churches and Christians are resistant to outreach today? (11:2)
  2. How can a church or a Christian change when they become entrenched in their ways? (11:4-18)
  3. Can you give an example of someone you know who radically changed their ways or a deeply held belief and turned to God? (11:18)
  4. How can an established church benefit spiritually or become healthier by reaching out to its neighbors or neighboring communities?
  5. Can you pray for our new church start that will be meeting at Cafe Night at Glas Coffee House this Thursday at 6:30? Pray that God would draw people and change lives? (Acts 1:8)




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Bulletin for 11/03/2019


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