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Sunday Morning Worship 9AM 
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Study Questions for This Week

"Ordinary People Empowered by an Extraordinary God" 03/17/2019
Acts 4:13-14
Pastor Joseph Arellanes

Small Group Questions

  1. God often chooses ordinary people to accomplish His purposes. Why do you think He does this?
  2. What examples do you see in Scripture?
  3. How does know this (that God uses the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary) encourage you personally? How should this come as an encouragement to our church?
  4. Where did Peter and John receive their power and boldness from? Where in Acts chapters 3 and 4 do we find the answer?
  5. We should expect the world to be perplexed by our message and gospel activity (Acts 4:13-14). How is this actually a good sign?

Bulletin for this Service

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Bulletin for 03/17/2019


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