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Sunday Morning Worship 
8:30AM & 10:00AM
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Study Questions for This Week

“So You Think You're Great?”
by Pastor David Krueger
Matthew 18:1-9


Study Questions:

1) Is competition always wrong?  How do you know when competition produces pride verses inspiration?

2) In what areas do you find yourself looking down on others and exalting yourself? (Matt. 18:1)

3) When Jesus said we must “change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” what did he mean? (Matthew 18:3)

4) The word “scandal” comes from the Greek word meaning to cause someone to sin.  How can unrepented ongoing prideful sin ruin people around you? (Matt.18:6)    

5) Jesus teaches us to be alarmed and deal with the sin in our lives.  Is Jesus over-the-top or have we become unconcerned about the sin in our own lives? (Matt. 18:8)


Bulletin for this Service

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Bulletin for 05/24/2020


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