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Sunday Morning Worship 9AM 
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Study Questions for This Week

“Gibbsville on the Go” – 01/13/2019
Pastor David Krueger
Acts 1:1-11

Small Group Questions

  1. What produced a surge in people coming to faith, sharing their faith and growing their churches, and planting new ones in the book of Acts? (1:1-3)
  2. What kind of power do we receive from the Holy Spirit? (1:8)
  3. Since being a witness is central to the calling of any Christian what keeps so many churches from actually doing this? (1:8)
  4. Think of two or three people in your life that know you well. Have you shared your faith with them? If not, what is keeping you from sharing? (1:8)

Bulletin for this Service

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Bulletin for 01/13/2019

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