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We are currently offering a free subscription to RightNow Media to everyone who attends GRC.  It is our hope and prayer that you will use this tremendous resource regularly and that your family will grow in your faith and love of our Lord Jesus Christ through it.  

Currently, RightNow Media has a library of over 20,000 titles for all age groups.  There are Bible Studies by notable Christian authors and leaders, Documentaries on the Christian worldview, conference videos, training videos, and a HUGE children's section with safe, Biblical, programming from Bible Studies for even the youngest to meaningful entertainment with a message like Veggie Tales.

Within a few days of submitting your form, you should get an E-mail with a link from RightNow Media inviting you to complete the registration process and gain access to the wonderful material offered.

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  1. Our American culture immerses itself in consumerism and me-ism, BUT we can choose daily to live generously with our time, money and skills.
  2. The idea of a missionary is often associated with a foreign country, BUT Christ has called His people to live on mission every day in whatever location He has placed each of us.
  3. Pastors and church leaders feel tempted to do the “lion’s share” of the ministry in their community, BUT the biblical leader will personally model a gospel-centered life AND unleash others for the sake of the gospel.
  4. Believers feel tempted to outsource their faith to the “professional Christians” (pastors) in their churches, BUT we each have a God-given responsibility to diligently pursue God through Scripture, prayer, fellowship and service.
  5. Small groups at church provide a great place to build relationships and care for each other, BUT we must find ways to transform small groups from holy huddles into launching pads that transform the community.
  6. Volunteer leaders and pastors can feel over-burdened and under-qualified, BUT ongoing training and inspiration equips leaders to confidently carry out their God-given role as shepherds.
  7. Churches provide a lot of good programs to develop faith, BUT families must seek to live intentionally in order to grow their faith within their homes.
  8. Many people spend most of their time at work and neglect to see how it intersects with faith, BUT we reject a divide between the sacred and secular because we believe working with our God-given skills should serve as an act of worship.
  9. Many people see the world as a hopeless and dark place, BUT Scripture teaches us to hate injustice and provide the hope found in Jesus.