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To Know God and Make Him Known

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Mission Satement

"To Know God and Make Him Known"


Knowing God

We want all people to love God and enjoy Him forever through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus!  We stay focused on God through faithful Bible teaching and church life. We also love God by loving our neighbors and building healthy relationships with each other. If we love God the most we will love others the best.

Making God Known

We want all people to know what the gospel is, to be able to articulate it, and then have the passion to share it with friends, family, and neighbors.

The Church is both a home and a mission.

The church is a home in which we love God, love each other, pray together, study God's word, and meet each other's needs. The church is also a mission where we share our faith with new people. The Great Commandment to love God and our neighbor is tied to the Great Commission to share our faith.




Small Groups:

Jesus modeled small groups to us with the twelve disciples. During small groups, we pray together, study God's Word, and get to know one another.

Church Planting:

One of the best ways to help new people know God is to plant new churches. New churches do not have customs, traditions, programs, and styles that create barriers in communicating the gospel to the next generation. Our vision is to plant in the south Sheboygan area so that our church can be involved in every aspect of the plant. This church plant will start out as a satellite of Gibbsville Reformed Church, but with time could turn into an independent mature church.