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Worship is Outdoors for the Summer!
10:00 AM

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Bible Class

Bible Class in planning on starting October 21, 2020 
Time: 6:30 PM to 7:15PM


3rd through 12th Grades


3rd through 6th Grades

Continue the "Torchlighters" curriculum by New City Catechism and Voices of the Martyrs - 

"The New city Catechism curriculum is designed to help children not only learn sound doctrine but also to learn how to respond to it and live it out in their lives."   For more check out 

The Voices of the Martyrs "Torchlighters" curriculum introduces students to the lives of missionaries and martyrs in our church history. While students learn about the lives of these extraordinary Christians, they will learn to have a world view of praying for missionaries and lost people, and learning how they can have an evangelistic outlook in their own daily lives. 

(Please note that there is a check-in / check-out process for 3rd through 5th graders for safety.)

Middle School

Church history and world view with Jim Heinen. Jim will share his passion for history and discuss with students how we can learn from those who came before us- in their spiritual victories and mistakes- how can we continue to further God's kingdom in our current day and age, and "be the church" to the world around us. Students will also look at various religions and learn how Christianity stands apart from these religions and that "not all roads lead to Heaven". 

High School

Join Tom Jensema as he breaks down the Heidelberg Catechism and dives into God's Word, helping the students to be able to connect the solid doctrine of the catechism with their own daily life.