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Discipline at GRC

Discipline Practices at GRC

If correction or discipline becomes necessary, we encourage positive, immediate, and consistent responses from our parents and volunteers.  We want to see Godly behavior affirmed and sinful behavior discouraged before it escalates.  We ask that parents take the primary role in correcting their child if they are present. If a parent is not present, the teacher/volunteer will respond in the following manner:

1, The teacher will first speak to the child individually, explaining the inappropriate behavior and encouraging the child in Godly behavior.

2. If the child's behavior continues, the teacher will separate the child from the rest of the class, but in full view of the teacher.

3. If the behavior still continues or escalates, the child will need to leave the classroom, and one of the education supervisors will speak with the child individually. The child's parents will also be notified.

GRC teachers/volunteers may not employ any form of physical correction. They are permitted to gently restrain a child to keep the child from hurting themselves or others.