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The High School Ministry at Gibbsville Church is dedicated to providing a place for students (9th - 12th) to connect with God, each other, and our amazing adult leaders. Together we are growing in our relationship with Christ, making life-long friends, and being challenged in our faith.

We meet every Sunday night from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM in the church basement.

We hope your teen will join us!


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Saint Louis Trip - June 12th-June 19th (2021)

The High School Ministry will be going on a trip to North St. Louis next summer to partner
with a local PCA church New City Fellowship! We will have the opportunity to worship with
the church, sit under their teaching, build relationships, learn more about their work in St.
Louis, and come alongside them as they reach out to their community.

We will join New City Fellowship in their

  •  Work Projects
  •  Tutoring Program
  •  Evening Bible Club

In preparation for our trip, our High School students will need to participate in all of
our fundraisers and mission trip meetings throughout the year. If a student is unable to
participate because of a schedule conflict, they must contact Pastor Joseph for further


Our remaining Fundraisers will likely be a T-Shirt Sale (all done online) and an Envelope
Fundraiser. Both of these fundraisers are not necessarily date specific, so don’t sweat it at
the moment. We will keep you updated on what is expected of each student.
Mission Trip Meetings
The Mission Trip Meetings have now been moved to Sunday nights at The Well.
We will keep you updated on the dates for these meetings, but they will be spread
throughout the year.

Incoming Freshmen (Current 8th-Grade Students)

If you will be an incoming Freshman in 2021 you will not need to attend the meetings but
rather watch the videos online and turn in the notes worksheet. Also, you do not need to
participate in the fundraisers either because you are still involved in the MS Ministry.

College Age Students (Transformers)

Since the Mission Trip Meetings will be happening on Sunday nights at The Well, we will
also have you watch the four training videos online and turn in your notes worksheet. We
will be asking you to participate in the remaining two fundraisers.

Training Videos

If you missed a meeting (or are an 8th-Grade Student or Transformers Student) we ask that you
watch the video(s), fill out the Notes Worksheet, and turn it in to Pastor Joseph. Thank you!

Week One of Four

Unit One - More Than Meets The Eye

Week Two of Four

Unit Three- They Are Not Poor


Download Worksheet 1 Here
Download Worksheet 2 Here
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