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Worship is Outdoors for the Summer!
10:00 AM

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Sunday School

Sunday School runs from September 15th until May 3rd.
Time: 10:05 - 10:55


NOTE: Virtual Sunday School Lessons are available under the Media Tab


Curriculum: All Sunday school grades use the curriculum Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) put out by Answers in Genesis. 


Answers Bible Curriculum brings the Bible to life! This exciting Sunday school curriculum covers the whole Bible chronologically. ABC provides a powerful overview of God’s Word and answers the important questions that confront both adults and children in your church.

Whole Bible. Whole family. Whole truth.

ABC brings families together around God’s Word, setting the stage for deeper study and home discipleship. All age groups from pre-K to adult study a lesson at the same time, with material specially adapted for each comprehension level and learning style. With ABC, teachers and students of all ages enjoy diving into rich content, memorizing scripture, and learning how to apply the Bible to their daily lives."


Genesis Room: Ages 3 - 5k - Set up in a large group/ small group format. Children begin praising God through singing, dancing, and creative movement, as well as learn memory verses put to actions. In large group time, children hear their Bible story and then break into small group classrooms based on grade to do fun activities to review their Bible lesson. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join us in a large group :) 

Fellowship Room: 1st grade - 5th grade: Students meet in a large group/small group format. In a large group, students work on Bible memory verse work, books of the Bible, and hear their Bible lesson by a large group speaker. They then break into small group rooms based on grade to interact with fun and hands-on activities to reinforce what was learned in a large group. 

Nehemiah Room: Middle school ages meet in a large group/small group format. Students break into small groups with female students meeting with female small group leaders and male students meeting with small group male leaders to discuss the lesson, dive into their Bibles, and build positive mentorship between the students and their adult leaders. 

RCYF Room: High school students meet in a large group, Bible study type format led by Tom Jensema. 


Our teachers are here because they care about your children and greatly desire to share the love of Jesus with each child that they teach. Each of our adults involved in children's ministry has undergone criminal background checks to help ensure safety and protection over your child while under our care. 


For more information about our children's Sunday school ministry, contact: 


There is always a place open and waiting for you! 


Information for Parents:


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Children's Ministry Child Information Form
  • Children's Ministry Child Information Form

    Even if your child is already in our Sunday school or Bible Class programs, health needs change. Please take a moment to fill out any pertinent information such as allergies, health concerns, special learning needs, or suggestions for how your child learns best. This information will be kept confidential, but will be passed along to their teachers so this year can be a positive and safe experience for your child!


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