Global Missions

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

At Gibbsville Church, we support a wide range of programs and long-term missionaries! Continue reading to learn about the individuals and organizations we support - people who have dedicated their lives to preaching the good news of Jesus Christ and been sent into key locations around the world. Prayer is another vital way we support their families and work. Scroll down to learn more about them, their families, and how to get in touch!

Missionaries We Support

Savannah Arneson

Serves as an Intern with RUF at the University of South Carolina.

Savannah was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and grew up as a small town country girl that loved the outdoors, sunshine, and taking trips to the lake with her family. She travel 785 miles from home to attend Delta State University where she received a major in Nutrition and Dietetics and a minor in Spanish. She graduated in the winter of 2020 and the hardest part about leaving the University was saying goodbye to her RUF family. She is excited to move to Columbia, South Carolina to grow and spread the love of Jesus through meeting students at USC and creating meaningful friendships in RUF there. Sav enjoys singing, spending time in nature with her dog, Joanie, hiking with friends, reading, yoga, and hyped jogging jam sessions. 

Rebecca Baumeister

Serves with beeWorld (Biblical Education by Extension)


Nick Bratcher

Serving with RUF as Campus Minister at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) reaches college students at universities in the US with the hope of Christ and equips them for a lifetime of flourishing and service in the church, their community, and the wider world.  Almost 20 million students live, learn, and lean into their adult endeavors on college campuses each year.   
RUF sends ordained, and seminary-trained pastors to build healthy student communities that grow up into and live out of the transforming grace of God in Christ. Campus staff and interns play an integral part in building relationships and developing vibrant student-led ministry on campus.  
We partner with local churches and individuals to share the vision and task of the vital ministry of loving the college campus next door. We also seek to connect and commend students to a life lived out in community with the church.

Chaplain Rick & Kim Cawthon

Serves with Good News Jail & Prison Ministry at the Sheboygan County Detention Center

Rev. Rick Cawthon retired from the Air Force in October 1994. He retired with 17 ½ years of service to enter into full-time ministry. Rick received a B.A. Degree in Christian Education from Berean University in Springfield, Missouri. He served as an Associate Pastor and as a Senior Pastor in churches before becoming a full-time Good News Jail & Prison Ministry Chaplain in April 2004.
Rick and his wife, Kim, moved to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where Rick is serving as the first Good News Chaplain in eastern Wisconsin. Rick has received a mandate from God, to preach the good news of the Gospel to those who are in prisons or jails. God has used tragedies from Rick’s and Kim’s lives and turned them into a passion to reach lost souls for Christ.
The scripture that has fueled this passion is Hebrews 13:3a, “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” (NIV)
Rick and Kim have two children, Christopher and Brieanne. They have two beautiful grandchildren, Hannah Mykel and Justin Credible.
2923 S. 31st Street
Sheboygan, WI 53081

Kelsey (TeBeest) & Josue Corpas

Serving with World Team in Madrid, Spain

Kelsey grew up in Oostburg, WI where she was raised in a Christian home. You may know her parents Jim and Nancy TeBeest. Kelsey is working full-time for World Team living in Madrid, Spain. She has been in Spain for 6 years. Initially she was teaching English through a business as missions English Academy. However, she saw God opening up many more doors to share our faith on her basketball team and running club. Since Kelsey saw more open doors through sports and fitness, she now has the focus of reaching Spaniards through those avenues. Through sports and fitness, they build relationships with people, earning their trust and are able to share their faith. They share the truth of the gospel and joy of walking with Jesus while praying that God opens the hearts of Spaniards. Their plan is to stay in Spain for 10-15 years as it takes time for the seeds to grow fruit.  Their ultimate goal is to see the creation of church plants led by Spaniards.
Kelsey Corpas
Calle de la Rioja 5, Bajo A
28042 Madrid, Spain

Pat & Julie Dirkse

Serving as Pastor at City Church of Compton, California

Pat & Julie serve as lead pastors of City Church in Compton, California. Pat, followed God’s call on their life 10 years ago to move as missionaries and church planters into one of the most dangerous cities in America – Compton, CA.
They have two beautiful children, Josh and Anna..
1104 E. Peck Street
Compton, CA 90221

LeeAnn Mayer

Serving with Ethnos 360 in the USA.

Ethnos360 is the USA branch of an international alliance of church planting organizations.
We work among people groups who have had little or no access to the Bible, in Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific Region. While providing practical help such as medical care, community development, and literacy education, missionaries share Bible lessons that allow the people to choose for themselves whether to believe in Jesus Christ and follow Him.
Those who believe are discipled, and trained as church leaders, teachers, and missionaries themselves. Our goal is to equip people to lead their own church, while they provide support such as Bible translation and lesson development and advice.
In addition, missionaries train people so they can continue to provide basic medical care, literacy instruction, and other practical help to their own people..
Ethnos360, 312 W. First St., Sanford, FL 32771

Tim & Paula Tjernagel

Serves with World Team in Caceres, Spain

 Tim and his wife Paula arrived in Spain in 1999 with World Team ministries to join a church planting team in a rural area of Spain that is one of the least evangelized regions of Spain.  Tim and Paula are committed to sharing the love of Christ with Spaniards to make new disciples and start new churches.  Tim is also serving as the Field Director of World Team Spain to coordinate their church planting efforts.
Tim and Paula have three children: MaKayla, Nathaniel, and Hannah.
C/Islas Azores 9, 2A
10001 Caceres, Spain

Kor & Evelien van As

Serves with Presbyterian Mission International in the Netherlands

In the fall of 1995 I came to know the Lord after a difficult time at my work. I had a strong desire to study God's word and be a witness of Jesus Christ. It was during this time that the Lord put someone on my path who studied at Covenant Theological Seminary. He convinced me that I should study at Covenant Theological Seminary. I applied at Covenant and in the fall of 1996 I started my study in St. Louis.
Studying at Covenant Seminary has been a great blessing to me. Covenant was the right place to grow in love for the Lord and the right place to equip me for ministry. After my graduation I went back as a missionary with PMI to the Netherlands. I met Evelien who worked at the Dutch branch of the Voice of the Martyrs (SDOK). We married in 2002. We now have two lovely daughters (Mischa and Yente). In the same year I became a pastor of a Dutch Reformed church (Nederlands Gereformeerde Kerk) in Oostzaan (
Oostzaan is a small town just north of Amsterdam. I have been enjoying my work as a pastor in Oostzaan. From the time that I came to know the Lord I have had a special interest in evangelism.

Jason & Lisa Viljoen

Serves with Door of Hope in South Africa

Jason and Lisa serve at an orphan ministry in South Africa called Door of Hope. This ministry rescues and cares for abandoned babies, works closely with adoption agencies to find them good Christian families, and disciples them in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Door of Hope is in the process of building and developing a Children's Village - a Christ-centered community - where orphans who do not end up getting adopted may find love and belonging in a traditional nuclear family structure. At the Village these children will be raised in the faith and learn of their promised redemption in Christ and of His good purposes for their lives. The story of the gospel is the story of a God who sought out his children who were once orphans in the world and adopted them into His family. Jason and Lisa's greatest desire for the orphans who come to Door of Hope is not only that they would be adopted into a loving earthly family but that they would encounter their loving Heavenly Father and be adopted into His family as well. 

Chris Vogel

Director of On Wisconsin Network and PCA NXTGEN Pastors


Global Organizations We Support

Mission E4

Giving Kids Hope

Mission E4 is a nonprofit organization with a current primary focus on schools in Haiti. We have a rich history in providing leadership for effective responses to a world in need across the world.  While vital education and food is provided, we also believe that a holistic approach is important for meeting physical and spiritual needs.  Sponsorship also provides critical services such as
  • Medical care
  • Secure sites and safety in a dangerous environment
  • Community change
  • Spiritual discipleship
  • Career opportunities with steady work
  • Partnerships for the kids with sponsor interaction.

Note: Over 95% of the staff of Mission E4 is in Haiti, across many occupations, to ensure it is locally run and providing value back into the communities.
The Haitian campuses grew out of a vision from the Long family and local pastors.  The ability to provide hope, discipleship and lasting economic change provided a pattern for growth and community impacts.  Schools have been added according to the vision of meeting needs and through acquisitions from organizations that looked to Mission E4 for a successful model.

The Mission as described in Ephesians 4 is to operate as one humble, loving, peaceful body in unity. The call is to use the gifts and resources we have been given for works of service to build up the body, become mature and attain the fullness of Christ.
To that end we are challenging ourselves to three outcomes
  1. Growth that meets more and more needs
  2. Sustainability that provides protection for what is in place and a solid foundation for growth
  3. Pursuit of excellence and direction from God that provides increased effectiveness and efficiency

 “…when Jesus saw the crowd, he was moved with compassion” It is our privilege to serve with excellence for those in need and those that give generously. We must do our best with the resources entrusted to us at Mission E4 to be compassionate and meet the pressing needs.  
Pete Carlson CEO/President

Remember Nhu

Working to end child sex slavery through prevention

In countries around the world today it has become culturally acceptable for families to sell their children when ends don’t meet. Child sex slavery has sadly become a massive industry in which 1.2 million children are being sold globally each year. Due to the high death rate in the sex trade (3 years or less), there is an increasing demand for more and more child workers.
Remember Nhu is a movement of people who dream of a better world. We believe that children have an inalienable right to grow up happy and healthy, and the idea that any child should be victimized in this way is appalling to all of us. Consider the following question: If you had the opportunity to identify a child who is at risk of being sold, prevent that from happening, and protect the child from ever entering the sex trade—would you do it?
That is exactly why Remember Nhu exists. We are a non-profit committed to ending child sex slavery through prevention. We identify those children who are at risk of falling prey to the sex trade and provide them with a home in which their physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs are met. By creating a supportive environment for each of these children, we are ensuring a childhood free from sex slavery and also dramatically lowering their risk of joining the sex trade later in life.
P.O. Box 27000
Akron, OH 44319-7000